2011 Farmer

Position: Farmer

Seeking a farmer to operate a 1+ acre mixed vegetable market garden on 41 acre farm property in Wingdale, NY – 80 miles north of NYC and 1 mile from a metro north station.  Housing is provided.  In 2010 we completed our first year operating a CSA and raising lambs for meat.  In 2011 we plan to operate a 25+ member CSA as well as sell at a greenmarket with continued growth into 2012.

The Farmer will be responsible for the vegetable operation. Additional labor from CSA volunteers and other people living on the farm will be available throughout the season.   A planting and harvest calendar based on last season’s operation will be made available.  Farm owners will provide farm infrastructure including implements, refrigeration, tractor, irrigation system, and green house.  However, the farmer will have freedom to design the vegetable operation as they see fit. The property has a 1200 sq. foot barn as well as pastures for small livestock if additional enterprises are desired.

While not certified organic, the farm has a chemical-free philosophy.  Fertility, pest management, and plant health will be maintained through composts, mulches, hand-cultivation, row covers, rock powders, and Integrated Pest Management techniques, etc.

One of the primary missions of the farm is community building and education.  There will be on farm events throughout the season in which the farmer can participate.  Additionally there will be other people living at least part time on the farm engaged in value added activities.


  • FIELD PREP for planting and maintain fencing and irrigation system.  Work with owners in establishment of additional fields and setup of rain catch/ drip irrigation.
  • PLANTING Follow and maintain weekly calendar for starting soil-block seedlings and direct-sown crops
  • Maintain plant and soil health through MULCHING, CULTIVATING, and VISUAL INSPECTION for disease and pest damage or water stress
  • HARVEST & PREP harvested vegetables for short-term storage and package weekly CSA shares
  • Maintain the planting calendar and farm journal RECORDS of time spent on each task for later use in profitability analysis.
  • Working with crop rotations and cover crops throughout the season and into the winter to build and maintain farm fertility.
  • Work with farm owners to deliver CSA.  Generally farm owners will drive veggies on Monday mornings and another farm member will return the vehicle later that week. We are conscientious about driving and intend to minimize car time
  • Grass mowing and occasional path and pasture maintenance.
  • Other duties as necessary to meet our goals of growing good food & getting it to good people
  • Generally support the continued development of the property into a well-maintained and profitable farm.


  • Private apartment & Utilities
  • Use of shared space (ex: yoga room, library/entertainment room, and main floor kitchen) – respecting privacy when owners are on site part time.
  • Eat as much farm produce as you can!
  • Use of private plot for growing whatever you want!
  • Use of farm infrastructure for entrepreneurial farm-based activities
  • Use of barn and pastures for small livestock operation
  • Choice of salary or partnership/lease.  There are a number of scenarios that can be discussed.


  • Farm apprenticeship or equivalent of 2+ years of farming
  • Experience working on a vegetable operation
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to run a farm.
  • Positive attitude, desire to collaborate, and a love of farming!

Contact and More information:

To apply for the position please send an email with your CV to lewis@ciclo.org. To learn more about the farm and see pictures visit the farm blog at http://kyzmehko.com/blog/