Northern Spy Lamb

We sold a lamb to northern spy food company, one of our favorite restaurants in new york.

mr. pancake served up perfectly

It was a real honor to eat mr. pancake so perfectly prepared.  They will be serving him over the course of 3 nights making different cuts each night.  last night i had lamb shank and lamb chop.  The chef, Nathan Foot, did him sooo proud.  It was truly a spiritual experience.  I wish amber, anna, abby, and everyone else who helped with the sheepies could have been there.  Nonetheless it is an experience i will talk about for a long time.  I will never forget how that plate looked perfectly prepared and placed on the counter in front of us.  Leopoldo, my dining companion, devoured his in about 3 minutes.  I took a bit more time.  so perfectly marbled and tasty!  Nathan had chosen to serve him over a bed of gnocchi.  Ridiculous.

As a city dweller who eats in restaurants more than at home there was something quite profound about the process of participating in the

it is for real. we still do not have a name, but wingdale farms may be starting to stick

raising and ultimate “processing” of this lamb.  Even walking into the restaurant at 7am this monday morning carrying a lamb carcass was kind of special.

Truly a whole new relationship to food.  So many people did so much work to make this one meal possible.  We owe a huge thanks to adam danforth, who helped us turn him into meat.

in gratitude.

thank you sheepies.

girls, it was worth it.

As we were getting ready to go we heard one of the waitresses tell the other to 86 the lamb.  Sold out on opening night.