Growing Heart Farm is a small, diversified vegetable & herb farm specializing in year-round greens production in the Harlem Valley.  We believe that the healthiest food comes from the healthiest ecologies, starting with the soil. We intensively rotate our crops, use cover crop, and remineralize our soils, replenishing the nutrients and biology each year. It’s our goal to grow the best-tasting and most nutritious vegetables we can using sustainable methods.

Wholesale – For updates on what produce we have available for wholesale please inquire at farmers(at)

Market – Coming Soon!  In 2018 you could find us at the Chappaqua and Pawling Farmers Markets every Saturday and on Sundays at Beacon Farmers Market Spring through Fall.

What we grow

VEGETABLES Spring Summer Fall Winter
Scallions | all season X X X X
Summer Radish | spring-fall X X X
Hakurei Salad Turnip | spring-fall X X X
Snow Peas | spring X
Snap Peas | spring X
Fresh Onions | sweet, yellow, red | summer X
Green Beans | summer-fall X X
Rattlesnake Snap Bean | summer-fall X X
New Potatoes | red, yellow, purple | summer X
Sweet Peppers | bell, italian, heirloom | late summer-fall X X
Hot Peppers | ancho poblano, seasonal mix | late summer-fall X X
Heirloom Tomatoes | mix | late summer-fall X X
Cherry Tomatoes | mix | late summer-fall X X
Purple Tomatillos | late summer-fall X X
Husk Cherries | late summer-fall X X
Eggplant | mix | late summer-fall X X
Baby Beets | red, gold | summer-fall X X
Carrots | summer-winter X X
Fresh Shallots | summer-fall X X
Bulb Fennel | early summer, fall X X
HERBS & FLOWERS Spring Summer Fall Winter
Parsley | spring-fall X X
Cilantro | spring-fall X X
Marjoram | summer-fall X X
Summer Savory | summer-fall X X
Dill | summer-fall X X
Basil | summer-fall X X
Mrihani Basil | summer-fall X X
Lime Basil | summer-fall X X
Shiso | summer-fall X X
Tulsi | summer-fall X X
Sage | spring-fall X X
Rosemary | spring-fall X X
Thyme | spring-fall X X
Sunflower Bunches | summer X
WINTER Spring Summer Fall Winter
Storage Potatoes | red, yellow, purple | fall-winter X X
Storage Fingerling Potatoes | fall-winter X X
Winter Squash | delicata, acorn, butternut, buttercup | fall-winter
Storage Shallots | fall-winter X X
Winter Radish | mix | fall-winter X X
Macomber Turnips | fall-winter X X
Root Parsley | fall-winter X X