trailer transport – moveable on farm housing

this picture pretty much says it all.  on the road, towing an unlicensed trailer with a a special permit.  spending $ on gas.  looks like the van did around 15mpg unloaded.  i was pretty light on the gas, but will be good to see if we can improve that.  towing i got 10mpg, but i was hitting it too to keep up with traffic.  she towed like a champ.  We even did a hard brake without any problems.

the trailer is our first attempt at expanding our capacity outside the house.  We want to be able to offer more housing to guests and workers alike.  We are going to see what quality of life it offers as a private satellite bedroom.

patrick and tammy in east patchogue long island sold me this sweet prowler from 1979.  i found it using search tempest yet again.   check out the mural patrick painted on the front – a portal to the beaches of long island. so many sweet little details in it. i will post pics when we get it setup, but it is beautiful.

made it!

inside it is period perfect.  it comes with dream catchers and some deep mantras and really cute posters.  the wallpaper and the plaid are groovy.  they put a lot of love into this little home and we look forward to hosting it in the upper field to take advantage of the new view that we opened to let in sun for the solar panels.

here you see her parked in the drive until it dries up a bit to move into her home.