messy and muddy – behind the scenes solar install

funny that the solar city truck is green…  as you can see from these pics there is a lot of sweat and mud and energy that goes into solar energy.  we had to trench about 170′ from the ground mount to the house.

my new friend cannon who has this great project, art power, was visiting and he pointed out that despite the hassle and up front costs of a ground mount you may end up saving money in the full lifecycle of your house  since you are not compromising the roof.

muddy and messy and loud.  they started with a trencher complete with tank treads and then on day 2 they brought in the 90 pound jack hammer.  nothing like a jackhammer in your backyard.  they hit some major rock right next to the house.

meanwhile the rack marches on.  interesting that they are using speed rail fittings.  i guess this rack would be pretty cost effective to recycle if you wanted to one day… say at the end of a solar city lease.   i wonder if that is engineered intentionally or just was the best solution.

that is some serious cross bracing.

i enjoyed talking with the crew.  all the people i meet in the solar industry have been great.