Makeshift Greenhouse

Lewis and I made a greenhouse of sorts this weekend in the yoga room.  Yes, it is a little early for us to start planting (considering we have no toasty place to move these seeds to once they sprout and that, even if it weren’t still way cold in the unprotected outdoors, we don’t have any prepared fields to plant into).  HOWEVER – it’s better we figure out how to use the soil blocker sooner rather than later (more on that in the next post).  We’re also going to find out whether the germination rates listed on the seeds hold up (we planted kale, lettuce, and two kinds of cabbage).  And we’re going to see how well the blocks hold moisture.  We covered half in plastic and left half open.  All kinds of good stuff we should experiment with now before things get hectic.  Plus – how awesome is it going to be if this crazy greenhouse thing actually works?!