CSA week 4


This Week’s Offerings:


Asian greens braising mix

Garlic Scapes

Swiss Chard

Baby lettuce

Shelling peas

Baby Carrots


This week we all get both bags and an additional bag of braising greens.  Please be sure to take one each of the smiley and gracias bags and the additional bag of braising greens.  I hope you are all enjoying this food and treating it as a form of medicine form the earth.

Shell peas and saute quickly with butter until softened.  Add this delicious sweet dish with pasta or any other food of choice these are some of the best treats of the year!

Garlic scapes can be sauted like a green bean and in place of garlic in any dish you choose.  We used them in stir-fry last night with the delicious addition of the braising greens which we slightly sauteed for one minute.