CSA week 3!!!!



I write to you in these days after the summer solstice, as nourishing thunderstorms fill the soil with water and cut the thick humidity. Our plants are growing daily with the addition of long sunshine and moist soil. This week we introduce a few new items such as nabechan scallions and spicy holy baby greens. Returning favorites this week are the Mayan Jaguar Lettuce mineral rich flat leaf parsley, bok choy and beautiful rainbow kale. The recipe that we share with you this week is a simple stirfry of the bok choy, scallions, kale, and a little bit of chicken that we had roasted last Sunday. We start by sautéing the scallions and stems of the bok choy while adding the roasted chicken and kale later in the sauté process. An addition of garlic and soy sauce and even a little Sriracha brings this dish together. We enjoyed it over a bed of buckwheat noodles.


Nabechan scallions

Spicy holy baby greens

Mayan jaguar lettuce

Flat-leaf parsley

bok choy

Rainbow kale

Hakuri turnips
I sincerely hope you enjoy this weeks offering and I’m excited to offer you more new items next week. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and it is an honor to serve you.