CSA week 2!


We are excited to offer your second share of farm produce that was picked fresh yesterday and today during the most delicious soaking rain. The wonderful spring abundance continues as our summer crops continue to mature!


This week’s share is limited to Nathan Love in SOHO.  I believe that everyone knows the drill.  Sixth floor, buzz up to get in.   Please be sure to take one Thank You/ Gracias Bag and one Smiley Face/ Have a Nice Day bag to make sure you get your whole share.  Please check off next to your name on the list.  Also, if any of our half share members would like to receive food each week, they are welcome up their order to a whole share.

This week you will find:

Sweet flat-leaf parsley,

Sugar snap peas,

Purplette Radish,

Mayan Jaguar Lettuce,

Baby Lettuce Mix,

Lacinato Kale,

Boc choy


This weeks share is filled with sweet snacks like mineral rich parsley and peas.  The Mayan jaguar lettuce makes an unique and beautiful salad, especially when combined with the baby lettuce greens.  The Boc choy is excellent for stir fry with its celery like stems.  The kale is wonderful in so many ways, and the beautiful purple radishes are incredible as an open faced sandwich.  We toast bread, apply liberal butter, and add salted radishes to the top.  Delicious.  A quick pickle  can be found online from our friend Martha @ http://www.marthastewart.com/336493/quick-pickled-radishes.

A delicious radish toast recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/open-face-butter-and-radish-sandwiches-241634

Thank you for supporting the farm and please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.