The CSA is here!!!

The first CSA share has been distributed! It happened so quickly that we didn’t get photos!

We are excited to offer your first share of farm produce that was picked fresh yesterday and today!  You will find:Link to recipe is under each item.

Hakurei Turnip


French Breakfast Radish,

Mayan Jaguar Lettuce,

Baby Lettuce Mix,


Rainbow Kale

Spring Peas


Please be sure to take one Thank You/ Gracias Bag and one Smiley Face/ Have a Nice Day bag to make sure you get your whole share.  Please check off next to your name on this list.

Also, if any of our half share members would like to receive food each week, they are welcome to up their order to a whole share. We are striving for quality over quantity this season, although you will totally get quantity at times!

Thank you for supporting the farm and please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.

Best Wishes,

Growing Heart farmers