water update

well it has not rained in some time and we are in the middle of a big heat wave.

"high-tech" throwing water 35 feet

we started out the weekend using our sprinkler setup pumping from our water tank that was pretty much full.

On friday evening our well water went murky.  we suspect that we might have run it low with all the people here last weekend and general heavy use.  our spring is dry.  the lake is low.  things are dry.  so we have gone into super water conservation mode.  ecologic showers.  doing laundry in the city.  basically stuff that we should be doing anyway.

meanwhile the plants are thirsty and we must give them something to drink.  how quickly things can change in 3 days.  now we are pumping the barrels full and using the 2 bucket hand watering technique.  we emptied the 1500 gallon tank this weekend.

old school

with my new refined bucket technique and a bit of well hose i did 3 sections or about 20% of our planted area in 2 hours.  so basically if doing 2.5 hours early and late in the day to minimize evaporation would water everything in 2 days.

its gonna be a fun week.  we have put all our planting on hold and are focused on keeping what we have alive until it rains again.

fingers crossed.