It feels like a big step to be letting go of burningman and our mutant vehicle discomo who consumed hundreds of hours of our time over the years.  The fact is that while i am sure we can make something work without a car, it is not clear that is the best use of our resources at this point.  we are moving in the direction of no vehicle and fossil fuel, but we are here now.  hubris to think we can get there faster using a diesel wagon?  lol.  fishing for interest in a sawed off pickup truck:

from impermanance grows many amazing things

not sure how she would fare back east, but the real eye opener is the cost of fuel.

street legal…

One thought on “Transport

  1. So for anyone to whom this story doesn’t make sense (ha ha ha – everyone?), here is a rewording:
    We are trying to see how long we can go without owning a car.
    Lewis has this burning man car sitting in Reno. He is considering selling it to finance a fuel efficient used car here on the east coast. A part of him is dreaming of how silly/fun it would be to just use the truck here. Ta-dah!

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