indoor compost, a visit from ARK, and recycling

we took some old recycling containers and used them to get our indoor compost going with the help from some carbon sawdust from the stable.   so far we are generating a grocery bag of trash per weekend – not terrible considering we are mid move and unpacking like crazy.

ARK came to visit today and brought us a bunch of potting soil – thus extending our string of luck averting any real set backs due to the lack of wheels.  we plan to get seeds going indoor next weekend and all the outdoor soil is frozen.  apparently at the nursery she visited they used a crowbar to pry the bags of dirt off the pile.

while she was here we took a short drive and got really excited about some of the cool farms going just a few miles away.  we also stopped by the supermercado and stocked up on all that heavy stuff that would be a bummer in a backpack on the train.  at the hannafords we found that they take all kinds of recycling – good to see that at the point of sale.

indoor compost