Tomatoes and squash are in the ground!

Greetings Dear Members,


We are happily writing to you after a beautiful rain that we have been praying for well over month.  In the depths of the longest spring drought that any of us could remember, our wish for nature to cooperate with our farming ventures has been a huge part of this season thus far.  This winter’s snow resulted in a spring thaw in the first week of April leading us to sow our peas, kale, and potatoes not long after.  Subsequently this year’s CSA will begin Tuesday June 9th with all the greens and spring roots one could hope for.



We also just passed the most important milestone in farming, the last frost date. In this part of the Hudson Valley it is Memorial Day, which is the moment when the chance of freezing temperatures has passed and the soil is the correct temperature for warm season crops.  This week has been full of planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans and squash.  The warm season is officially here, and we are right on schedule.



This weekend, Growing Heart Farm is hosting a work party where we will continue to plant our winter squash, trellis tomatoes, and plant flowers.  If you are feeling a desire to escape the city for a moment, please head our way, as all are welcome. This invitation is open anytime you would like to learn about growing food and connecting with the system that provides your nourishment. We hope to see you soon.  Happy spring!


Back on March 29th! See you later winter!!!!