Potatoes are in the ground!



Last week the dandelions began blooming here on the farm, and for us, that is the sign that it is time to plant our potatoes. We have decided to grow a large amount of this staple food from Peru for many reasons.

IMG_6145Mountain Rose


We love to eat them, and they are a fun crop to grow. Potatoes have few pest problems, and when the weather cooperates, we can plant them without needing too much additional irrigation.Potatoes feel like magic.  Their survival, and sometimes ours, depends on saving this fleshy seed, and helping it multiply yet another year.

We have chosen to grow four types of potatoes this season.  Red Norland and Yukon Gold will be harvested as “new” potatoes during the summer, to add to summer cookouts.  For the ate season we are growing two beautiful and delicious varieties.  Peruvian blue potatoes have healthy nutrients and are the best for frying.  Mountain rose has the most beautiful pink flesh and great flavor! 160 lbs of potatoes are now officially in the ground, and we are moving on to the next task, praying for rain!


Peruvian Blue Potatoes

Us planting!

IMG_6129 IMG_6133 IMG_6132