Storm damage 3 months out

The storm that hit right before halloween this year knocked down numerous trees and countless branches.

This is what is stil out in the field – i do not exaggerate when i say that all the grass you see in this field was covered with limbs.  we have been steadily picking away at it and are many person days of work into it.

Corey brought over his dad’s ATV and huge trailer and we made piles that are too big to burn as well as some piles to burn to which they can be added.

Here you can see we overloaded and had to get the truck to tow the whole rig.

Little by little i am cutting up all the wood that will make good heating fuel…  it is time consuming but feels right.  i hope i am using less chainsaw gas than the btu’s that the wood will give.

Here is the remains of a branch of an apple tree that had to be pruned.  i am harvesting the small pieces for our small wood stove.