Starting to cook!

Or… lactoferment.  It’s nice to have space in the kitchen (as opposed to Manhattan minifridge).

I started out chopping the cabbage by hand, but it was so massive I got tired of it and threw it in the food processor.  I tossed 3 tbs of sea salt to about 5 lbs (!!!) of cabbage and let it sit for a while.  Then I mixed in some spices and massaged a bit.  I put the cabbage in a large jar and punched it down to get out the air pockets as much as possible.  There was no need to add extra water to the top.  I put a small glass jar between the cabbage and the lid (screwed on loosely) to make sure all of the veggie bits stay submerged.

The recipe comes from Frances Subbiondo of Nature Works – she did a great class at The Be Hive all about ferments.

I did end up with some extra cabbage and no good place to put it… so I kind of rubber banded a jar inside a jar?  And gave it a hat?  I hope the water doesn’t evaporate before next weekend…