Rainy Day Flower Planting

Today was the day for planting annual flower seeds in little starter trays in the greenhouse!  (Tomorrow will have to be the day for planting potatoes out in the field – if it ever stops raining!) This year we are offering a flower CSA as well as the veggie CSA, and we maybe got a little beauty-drunk when we were looking at the catalogues.

Here are just the flowers we planted today: Cosmos, Zinnia, Torch Tithonia, Hollyhock, Dianthus, Aster, Amaranth, Ruby Silk Love Grass, Ageratum, Wizard Coleus, Indigo Tinctorium, Coreopsis, Weld Luteola, Kilimanjaro Euphorbia, Black-eyed Susan, Curiosity, Marigold, Zanzibar Safflower, and Pincushion.

Curiosity Flower - photo borrowed from the internet: Jacki of Oregon, aka jacki-dee@Flickr

One thought on “Rainy Day Flower Planting

  1. My crew leader is all over the flowers, too. The one that’s the most fun to say of his varieties is Schizanthus. Say it with me: Schizanthus!

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