BEES came today!

By “came” I mean “we went to pick them up.”  Three packages of Russians.  It was an hour ride back with 9 lbs of bees on my lap in the truck!

Anna came back to visit and help out with the bees.  We both looked like space men and the bees were like tiny little flying striped cows.  Learning so much about honey bees over the last couple of months, plus staring at them on my lap for an hour, has really made me start to think of them as “little animals” over “scary bugs.”

We got the bees into their hives without incident!  Assuming we get honey this year we’ll be sure to specify which hive it came from – each has its own decoration: Heart Hive, Octopus Hive; Bee Hive.  Bee Hive may get a name upgrade in the coming weeks.

More exciting news!  Erin (who helped enormously around this time last year) came back to the farm and she and Shira spent the afternoon transplanting raspberries generously entrusted to us by our neighbor Jay.