“Lean to greenhouse” header

Ben and I mounted just under 3 10′ lengths of pressure treated 2×6 to the side of the house.  This wall is block sheathed in vinyl siding.  we had to cut into the vinyl siding and then cut out a section in the nailers so that we could lay the header flush to the block.  After looking at toggle bolts, sleeve bolts and nails, we decided to use the TAPCON (youtube again) screws.  Christopher was out for a recap of the love fest of 2011 and gave us his blessing and we borrowed a hammer drill from andrea – complete with full bits.  Here you can see the header in place and taped up until the green house hoops arrive.  we also may integrate the conduit from the solar inverter to the meter into that section of the wall.  We will have to do some flashing to seal this all back up.

You can also see the wood chips john had dumped for us a few weeks before that bo spread for us with his front loader.