Beautiful Food

rainbowkaleOne of the things that I, farmer Sean take pride in, is the selection of the most beautiful and delicious varieties of vegetables I know of.  I am a sucker for striped and colorful food such as rainbow kale, a cross between lacinato(dino) and Redbor.  We are lucky to have this rare seed from last year, and right now many trays have been planted in the fields. This variety has dark purple veins, and delicious green leaves. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful and delicious kale in the world. Expect lots of it this year! One other beautiful striped variety we will feast on this year are rattlesnake green beans. These beauties are as pretty as they are delicious. Bright green, smooth skin, and perfect purple stripes.  My favorite!

I am a huge plant nerd, so expect many more posts about varieties both heirloom and otherwise, that I, and our team love, possibly with more information than necessary, but always with a passion for the food that nurtures our planet, minds and body.

Rains in mid-april helped our peas get off too a good start and they are all popping up into the world as I type. It has been a dry few weeks since then, as we have been planting our cold season crops such as radishes, turnips, beets, carots and kale. A long awaited rain is now falling and I hope it will help these seeds and plants realize their full potential.

We have also been busy seeding in our greenhouse, keeping the plants warm with the wood stove, preparing the ground for planting, and building the farming team for the year. I am excited to announce that we have three new additions to the team.  Caitlyn Hatzell comes to us from her work at the Navajo nation creating school gardens and teaching the youth to grow food! She is excited to learn more about farming at our small yet effective scale.  Sophie Vatel comes to us through the WWOOF program from Normandy France!  She is excited to learn about farming and is a positive and helpful presence on the farm.  Last but not least is our new farm puppy Jed.  Jed comes to us from Eastern Massachusetts where he was one of 11 brothers and sisters.  He is a 11 week old black lab and enjoys chewing on things and making us all smile.

I hope this finds you all well as this late spring begins to warm the soil.  Thank you again for being a important piece of this soil based community. I will leave you with a photo of Jed!


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