BCS Quick Release

for those of you who have or are contemplating a BCS here is an interesting lesson we learned about our quick release.  It was getting very difficult to operate and the red handle was bending when we would open it to the released position.  It finally got to the point where we could not detach the attachments.

we kept blasting the assembly with liquid wrench and WD40 but we could just not get it to come out far enough.

finally with the help of earthtools we removed a snap ring under the washer (and a lot of dirt) that was holding the pin in place.  With needle nose pliers, a nail, and a blade we maneuvered the snap ring out of place.

we found that dirt had caked up in the spring and was not allowing it to compress.  no matter how many solvents we used it was physically trapped.

We greased everything up and put it back together.  note, we did not need to unbolt the quick release as pictured above – we had it off while we were hunting for the problem.  Hope this saves you the many hours we spent searching for a solution.