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green house ready for seeds

drum tight plastic and all the cracks stuffed with weather stripping.  Game on. Anthony, Kristen, Amber, Ben, Mimi, and I had a busy day on saturday pulling all the last details together and then stretching the plastic.  we made it up as we went, but we are feeling good about it. This chimney out of […]
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Flashing the greenhouse

this went more smoothly than we thought.  we used clamps and 2x4s to bend the flashing into shape.  i had been warned several times to work in 8′ lengths and this was good advice. we bent the edge exposed to the plastic back on itself to help prevent tears.  we found using another piece of […]
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lean to greenhouse progress

anthony after a hard day of work in the cold.  the side walls are mostly in place.  We have some details on the path, the door frame, and the electrical box.   then we will need to flash both sides of the header.  we are still not sure of the best solution below the header. […]
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