shopping local vs. saving money

This week I called somewhere between 5 and 10 places looking for greensand and colloidal phosphate.  Based on recommendations from different helpful clerks I went from calling people who had no idea what I was talking about to people who maybe thought they didn’t sell it because you can make explosives out of it (not true) to people who had heard of it to people who carry it but were out of stock to people who had a little bit and could order more.

I am definitely into supporting local businesses, and I recognize that that generally means paying a little bit more than you would pay at a big box store.  However… the only place I found that “had” (could order) what we wanted could only get about a third as much as we needed and it cost almost as much as buying the full amount would cost online (plus either delivery charges or multiple 45 minute drives up and back with the truck).  I know buying locally would encourage this store to keep carrying the product, but I had to draw the line.  We’re going to order from Peaceful Valley and get it delivered for free.  I am sure I could find these amendments even cheaper somewhere else, but Peaceful Valley is a good company I’d like to support.

Side note – unfortunately, more easy to find supplies like boots and shovels are about 3x more expensive at local stores than they are at the chain store.  That’s a really big difference to shop local.  Unresolved moral dilemma there…