the below letter went out to a few friends and interested parties yesterday.  next monday we will open up to more people.

“The Farm” CSA 2010

We have started a new farm 80 miles by train from New York City!  We have not yet decided on a name, but are sure that during this growing season a good one will present itself. In our first year of operation we will be growing veggies for 10 people through a CSA.  Outside of a core membership we may have additional items for sale on an à la carte basis from time to time.   You can learn more about the farm here: http://kyzmehko.com/blog or email amber@ciclo.org

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to distribute food directly from local farms to nearby communities.   In a CSA you buy a fixed-price “share” of the farm’s harvest for the year and receive fresh produce weekly from June-October.  The members of a CSA come to a convenient location in their neighborhood to pick up their produce.

When you join a CSA, you know exactly where your food is coming from. You meet the farmers and get a chance to visit the farm.  The money for your share goes directly to the farmers, and there are no markups for advertising, storing, or distribution.  Because members pay in advance the CSA allows farmers to raise operating capital without taking out interest-accruing loans.  In return, members receive a steady supply of fresh, delicious, chemical-free food from the farm.

Because there are no guarantees that specific crops will thrive, you share the financial risks along with the farmers. You also share in the bounty of the farm, and members receive high quality vegetables and herbs at below-retail prices.  As a member of a CSA, you will be supporting small-scale, ecological, local farming, and helping maintain our regional farmlands and rural areas.

Pricing & Pickup

We are trying a new model of CSA – an office based CSA.  Distribution will take place at Curious Pictures (440 Lafayette St 6th Floor on Astor place) on Mondays between 10am-8pm.  (Missed pickups will be donated to local food kitchens at 8pm)  The season will run for 20 weeks from June 14 to October 25. Shares will be pre-sorted, but you should bring your own bag for pick-up.

  • Full share: $400 for 20 weeks of vegetables (with occasional herbs/fruits)
  • Half share: $240 for 20 weeks of vegetables (with occasional herbs/fruits)

Shares will include a minimum of 5-9 types of produce per week – for example a bunch of carrots, a head of broccoli, etc.  Our goal is to exceed this amount, but this is a new operation and we want to make sure that we deliver on what is promised.  Samples of this years veggies include broccoli, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, melon, squash, corn, cabbage, and other goodness.


We may occasionally offer extra items (such as eggs or fruits) from neighboring farms throughout the season on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. We will let you know about these opportunities in advance on our mailing list.

Farm Visits & Work Days

Members will be asked to come help out on the farm one or two days this season.  You’ll get to see first-hand where your food comes from as you help YOUR farm with harvesting, washing, seeding, building, or similar “work.” (Actually it’s not work!) Weekends will have other fun things going on like bike rides, swimming, yoga, or bonfires, but you are welcome to schedule your contribution for weekdays as well.  Come by the farm pretty much any time – so long as you are willing to lend a hand!  The farm is at 25 Jeans Dr. Pawling, NY 12564 – email for directions.  We are less than a mile walk from the Harlem Valley – Wingdale Metro North train station.


For 2010 registration is limited to 10 CSA members first come first serve. Deadline for receipt of registration, including payment, is May 15, 2010. Cash or check in person is best; you can also mail forms to Lewis Kofsky 440 Lafayette St. Sixth floor NY, NY 10003.  Paypal is ebay@kofsky.com

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone #:
Half Share ($240) or Full Share ($400):
If you are splitting with someone, their Name:
Phone #:


By submitting this form and payment, I confirm my agreement to become a member of this CSA for the 2010 season. I will pick up my share on Mondays or send an authorized person to pick it up for me. I understand that there are no refunds for missed shares or cancellations. As a member I commit to helping the CSA by working the required shifts. I understand that the way a CSA works is that I share both the bounties and risks (poor weather, crop failure, drought, and so on) of the farmer. My share may vary from week to week and there is no guarantee of the exact amount or contents of my share. I agree not to hold the CSA, or anyone acting on behalf of the CSA, responsible for damages resulting from injuries sustained as a result of carelessness or negligence while engaged in any activity sponsored, held, or coordinated by the CSA (including but not limited to the weekly distribution and farm visits).  By participating in the CSA, I am supporting the local farmer as well as more equitable food distribution, and I am helping to create a more environmentally just, economically fair and healthy society.

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