It started drizzling a little while ago, but I thought I’d go out and check for Japanese beetles in the orchard anyway.  Thankfully there were only about 10 (I killed some, but it’s so gross I just ended up shaking some off).  Before I could finish checking the last tree (and trust me, it’s a small orchard) it was pouring.  And it still is!  The sheepies are hiding under a tree.  Poor sheepies!

It’s only supposed to rain 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch today, but I hope it is a lot more.  It has been in the high 90s with no rain for weeks, and the rainwater tank, pond, spring, well, and everything else could really use a good recharge.  We’re by the Swamp River.  Where’s the water?!

UPDATE! It has been raining maybe 15 minutes and the rain gauge already says 3/4 inch!!!

One thought on “Rain!

  1. This is not related to the rain on Saturday, but on Saturday we did have a magnificent pea fest from last week’s haul which succeeding curing Heather of her life long aversion to peas! What are you guys putting in the soil up there? Love, perhaps?

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