Planting out

Today it was 70 degrees out and not raining! A perfect day to take some of our too-early seedlings outside. They are pretty tall and spindly because they weren’t getting enough sun (we tried our best – we have a couple of lights on timers pointed at them, but they aren’t “real” growlights or anything).

Our friend and fellow beginning farmer Anna came up to get the tour and help out. The whole process went at a relaxed pace and went pretty smoothly. I started around 1215, took about a two hour break to go get Anna from the train station (by foot!) and show her around, and then we finished up around 6. In total we did 62 Brunswick cabbage, 28 Piracicaba broccoli, and 10 tatsoi. That’s only 3-ish flats out of 9. We ran out of hoops (bad planning on my part). Because we were so short on space we did multi-plant groupings for the broccoli (4 plants) and cabbages (3 plants), but the tatsoi we spaced normally. While I know that multi-plant blocking is possible for some plants, I’m not sure if it affects the normal row spacing… so we just left it the same! Short on space, we’ll see what happens. We’re going to move forward with the planned soil blocking for tomorrow and plant out the rest of these early seedlings next weekend.