August 20th Farm-to-Table Yoga Dinner

Come join us at Growing Heart Farm for our upcoming Farm-to-Table Yoga Dinners!

Spend a relaxing day at the farm and indulge in the best of the harvest season. Stretch out in the sunshine with a yoga class lead by teachers Abby Paloma and Siri Peterson. CSA member and amazing musician, Garth Stevenson will play live during the yoga class and Anastasia Williams will lead a meditation!! Following yoga, nourish your body with an “ultra-ganic” meal grown in our field and prepared by holistic Chef David Nuss.  Sunshine, fresh air, heart centering yoga, delicious meal, amazing people, supporting your local farmers… does it get any better?? We would love to share this healing day with you.

When: 2pm August 20th

Where: Growing Heart Farm 25 Jeans Dr. Wingdale, NY

Getting here: Take the direct Metro North train from Grand Central to Harlem Valley Wingdale at 11:48am

Exchange: $50

click below to reserve your spot!

Please email with any questions.

General Day plan:
2pm friends arrive
3pm Farm tour with Verena
4pm getting ready for yoga
4:30ish magic with abby, siri, garth and Anastasia
6pm Dinner from the field, served in the field
8:40pm train back to NYC or stay later if driving back

About the menu:

Every dinner is different as the what is ripe on the field changes as does Dave’s divine inspiration. The meal will be vegetarian with Vegan options too.

Here is the menu from our July 23rd Dinner:

Tulsi iced tea
Cucumber lemon water

Seasonal crudites (carrot, cucumber, green beans)
Roasted tomatillo salsa
Eggplant tahini dip
Sourdough focaccia baked in-house (:))

*Kale Salad with green beans, yellow, black, and orange sweet peppers, capers, and creamy pine nut/apple cider dressing

*Lemony pot-crushed red potatoes with dill, parsley, chives, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

*Roasted beets infused with fennel seeds, lime zest, garlic, and thyme and garnished with pistachios

*Raw zucchini ribbons and cherry tomatoes marinated in olive, garlic, and thai basil

*Cabbage rolls filled with spicy chimichurri brown rice
Carrot, cumin, ginger dipping sauce

*raw vegan chocolate cherry pie
*iced lemon basil-infused raw milk custard