It's official – we're on the land!

All the final pieces have come together and we’re officially 100% set to start the farming adventure.  We’re at the house now and are going to do a little kitchen set-up before going out to walk the fields.

For those of you who may be wondering what’s up with my crazy honey-themed birthday party – I had intended to have my birthday/an open house at the farm next Friday, but we’ve gotten such a late start getting out here there’s no way we’ll be ready in time… SO – we’ll be having an open house in the spring instead (but with the same honey/bee/flower theme!).

We’re considering different options for the fertility-building plan.  In general we’re no-till kind of people, but the soil here could really use a jump-start.  We’re planning on growing crops on only a small area this first year, so the question is how to best prep the rest.  Maybe medium-to-shallow depth tilling followed by soil amendments, compost, and a sowing of mixed green manure?  And maybe a quick sheet-mulch of the area we are going to plant with veggies this year?

2 thoughts on “It's official – we're on the land!

  1. congratulations! i’m so impressed with your dedication to this idea. keep me posted of barn-raising activities and keep on blogging!

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