Terribly behind on the blog because we have been too busy working.
So much happening that we hope to update soon.
10 people working on the farm this weekend.
Jess and Justin killing it. Greenhouses full. new high tunnel about to be tilled. Black plastic and new beds everywhere.
Brother Doug stepping up BIG.
Eduardo completing a newly cleared acre seeded in clover, grasses, and wild flowers… and fully moved into his new home.
Jesse in from Peru building a wedding altar and leaving his touch everywhere – Silver bullet installed by the spring.
Jani Moon orchestrating behind the scenes.
Bo levelling two new areas.
New WWOOFERS nesting in for the season.
Chickens in their coop.
Tanks being filled from rain and the spring.
Lots of new field space reclaimed.
New camping areas and our growing trailer park.
Booked every weekend til Mid August.
Market starts next weekend.

…Hope to share more pictures soon.