Anna here. I’m excited to be joining Amber and Lewis in this farming adventure. I grew up on a… recreational… farm in Ohio. That land has been in my family for many years – my 83 year old grandmother was born in the house my dad still lives in – and when I was a kid, we kept some animals and made some hay. I was never involved in the vegetable production aside from planting the pumpkins or corn in the spring, so it’s going to be a trial by fire learning curve for me as vegetable grower.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the space here is that there is a lot of grass, and some of it is fenced already in a manner that would accommodate lambs perfectly. On my encouragement, Amber and Lewis are also excited about the possibility of these three-season livestock. We hope to be adding the wooly lawnmowers to the farm in the next few weeks-months (depending on when the spring lambs are ready to leave the farms where they were born).

Amber and Lewis seem to have a pretty solid plan for the vegetables for this year, so let the learning and growing commence! I’m glad to be along for the ride.