CSA Week 7 – 7.11.12

Lettuce Mix (large bag of mixed leaves)

Tatsoi Mustard Mix (smaller bag of mixed leaves, mostly small, round and dark green)

Add to your lettuce if you want a more interesting salad, or saute separately

Head Lettuce (1 large green head or 2 small speckled heads)


Garlic you buy in the store is dried. This garlic is fresh. What that means is we just dug it and did not give it time to cure. The skin won’t be as papery, and it won’t keep as long, so definitely throw it in the fridge.

Basil (bag of fragrant herb)

OK, after some research I think we’ve come up with a solution for the basil, which actually appears to be a finicky
herb to deal with. Because it’s been so hot, we take all of the vegetables we harvest for you straight from the field and dunk them in cold water, then refrigerate them before bringing them down to the city so that they arrive at as cool of a temperature as possible. Basil, as we learned last week, does not like to get wet, and even though we ran it through the salad spinner, this is what caused the browning in some of your bags last week. This week we harvested during the cool morning and put it straight in the cooler rather than putting it through water first. We’ll see if that helps.

Cucumbers (1 or 2)

More on their way…

Green Beans (If you have only 1 cucumber)

Also more on their way…


Summer Squash




Hello CSA members,


I was hoping that as I sat here writing my weekly quota of nonsense to you,  it would be raining. We desperately need it. The plants are thirsty. Our spring is dry. We can still irrigate from the well, but it’s a lot for one little well to handle. I check the weather obsessively, and saw a chance for thunderstorms tonight. The worst already rolled through, though, and brought less that 1/20th of an inch. We need a good ½ inch at least to soak the ground, but that’s a lot to hope with only a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms predicted for just two of the next 10 days. We’ll make it through with what we’ve got, but there might be an irrigation pipe expedition down to the river. I’ll tell you more about that when it happens. It’s sure to be exciting: dragon-fly sized mosquitos, chest high mud, alligators…


Besides the lack of rain, things seem to be pretty good here on the farm, though this did seem to be the week of things breaking. Our dehumidifier went out 5 days ago or so, followed shortly by one of the freezer override gadgets we use to refrigerate vegetables. Our mower received the latest in minor repairs (sheared bolt holding the blade on), and the battery pack fell out of our digital scale during last week’s drop. The scale has an unfortunate design that does not allow me to plug the battery back in without removing the cover, which the manual expressly tells me not to do. The service people at Torrey have not yet been very helpful. Luckily it still works when it’s plugged in so you all still have standard amounts of produce! All the veggies look fine, nothing broken there yet, and some exciting things on the horizon: more beans and cukes, eggplant not too many weeks from now, and probably some celery pretty soon, too.


In other news on the farm, the first yoga dinner a week and a half ago was such a success that the next one (this upcoming weekend) has sold out. Sign up early if you want to come to the dinner on July 28th. Check our website (http://growingheartfarm.com/?page_id=2824) or email Abby Paloma at abby@ghf.dreamhosters.com