CSA – Week 6


In This Week’s Share


  • arugula – baby green leaves in a bag
  • salad mix – various baby leaves with edible flower petals mixed in
  • collard greens – large flat green leaves with white stems in a bunch
  • radishes – multi-colored roots
  • tiny carrots – we had to thin a row of carrots this week so we are sharing the thinnings with you. they make a great garnish to a big piece of fish or meat, or dip them in hummus for a tasty one-bite snack.
  • bunching onions – long green shoots with white ends (the whole plant is edible – use as you would scallions)
  • basil – green and/or purple fragrant leafy herb
  • oregano – green herb with smaller leaves than the basil
  • micro greens – small bag of zesty baby leaves
  • chamomile – bunch of yellow flowers. great for tea, or see the recipe below if you want to get creative.

The following items are maturing at different rates due to crazy rain/absence of sunshine. You will get either cabbage, squash or turnips this week. Whatever you don’t get this week you will get either next week or the following. Thanks for bearing with us.

  • red cabbage – beautiful little purple-red heads
  • summer squash – zucchini and summer squash of various colors, shapes and sizes
  • turnips – white roots with edible greens

Every other week half share members: this week is a “B” week.

Farm News

How quickly things change. Last week we were singing the praises of sunshine and heralding in the summer. This week we’ve barely glimpsed the sun and have been caught in more than one sudden deluge. The picture to the right is from yesterday’s downpour. If you look closely you’ll see that the footpaths between the rows are full of water – and that picture was taken about 6 minutes after the first drops fell. Not ideal, but at least we built raised beds this year so it’s the footpaths that are flooding and not the beds themselves. Even so, muddy conditions have drowned some baby greens and slowed growth across the fields (except for the weeds, of course). But we still have a great share for you this week and we appreciate your patience while the summer crops take their sweet, sweet time.




Collards are a delicious and healthy wrap for anything – veggies, meat, rice, beans… They are also a perfect stand in for grape leaves when making dolmades.

Radishes, good butter and salt are a winning combination. Possibly the best way to enjoy a French breakfast radish (the oblong ones – red on top and white on the bottom) is to grab it by its greens, dip it in high quality butter, dab it in a dish of salt and eat. A close second is a tea sandwich. This recipe calls for pickling the radishes, which is delicious but not necessary if you’re short on time and/or planning.

The chamomile in your share this week will look great in a vase on your table, but it’s also delicious. Here’s an approximately ten million word essay on the multitude of possibilities chamomile brings, along with lovely pictures and links. (Or skip the essay and just make the cupcakes.)