CSA – Week 5

In This Week’s Share

  • lettuce – two leafy heads
  • salad mix – various baby leaves with edible flower petals mixed in
  • chard – large green or colored leaves with wide stems
  • kale – large green leaves with white and/or purple stems
  • broccoli and/or cauliflower – this heat wave caused rapid growth in the broccoli, so it will look more like a bunch of shoots rather than a tight head. it still tastes great and you can separate the florets easily and cook it like broccolini
  • radishes – multi-colored roots
  • bunching onions – long green shoots with white or purple ends (the whole plant is edible – use as you would scallions)
  • beets – red and yellow roots (their greens are tasty too)
  • turnips – white and/or purple and white roots (their greens are tasty too)
  • summer squash – zucchini and summer squash of various colors, shapes and sizes
  • mint – green herb with small green leaves
  • basil – green and/or purple fragrant leafy herb. apologies in advance – the basil will be dirty. we can’t wash it for you because it will turn black and get soggy on the trip down to the city. just rinse it in cold water when you’re ready to use it

Every other week half share members: this week is an “A” week.

Farm News

Summer solstice + super moon + heat wave = explosion of growth. To celebrate the super moon and the beginning of summer, we treated ourselves to one Sunday off the farm. A single day. When we went out into the field on Monday it looked like a month had passed. The lettuce that we seeded on Saturday had already germinated. The radishes that were meant for next week were the size of ping pong balls. The broccoli that was too small to pick last week was already trying to flower. The first tiny baby summer squashes that we spotted before we left were a foot long. And finally, our first sunflower bloomed. Summer is upon us.


We are very excited that summer squash is ready for the first week of summer. We made this delicious galette to kick off the season.

You can knock out the broccoli (and/or cauliflower), basil and mint from your share with this healthy and flavorful Ginger-Poached Noodles recipe. Serve it with a roasted beet salad with some torn lettuce leaves thrown in for extra crunch.

Mediterranean flavors are great in the summer. Try this Roasted Garbanzo Bean and Swiss Chard dish, then use the discarded stems to make Pickled Swiss Chard Stems.