CSA week 20!!!!!

CSA week 20 is here!


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Hi Friends. It is with great sadness and gratitude that I harvest and deliver you one last share of our farm abundance this season.  It has been a year of growth in so many ways here on the farm and we have done our best to produce the most delicious and nutritionally dense food your you despite the drought.  As the frost wilts our flowers we begin the reflections appropriate for autumn.  The main lesson I face this time every year is the impermanence of this life, and the sacred opportunity to work with the soil and the plants to capture the energy of the sun.  May we all feel grateful for this moment in time when we have many months of frost free weather to grow such a diversity of food.  12,000 years ago glaciers covered this land, there were no flowers, and not even the dream of squash growing here at this latitude.  Today we are blessed with flowers, squash and such delicious cheery tomatoes.  We humans are awakened in these bodies at a very magical moment in time.  May you all enjoy this last taste of this moment in time.  Thank you for all the positive feedback and I invite all your thoughts about how we may make this CSA even better for next season.  Thank you.

This week’s share:






Ground cherry