If you do not have plans this Sunday come join us for a farm to table Yoga Dinner!


This week’s share:

Eggplant (some people may get a bunch of smaller ones in a paper bag)

Potatoes (in paper bag)



Spring mix



Leeks or summer squash

Ripe and/or green tomatoes


Hot peppers

Farm life continued pleasantly this week. Fall has arrived for sure, now, and I spent a few mornings outside working in two layers of long sleeves, gloves, and a winter hat. This is the north eastern weather I remember and love so much: dense fog that doesn’t burn off until mid-morning, cool fresh air biting at the nose, drying foliage rustling around the edges of the field. I’m glad we’ve made it through the worst of summer and into a more tolerable period of weather.

This week’s featured variety: German Butterball!!! If you didn’t guess what type of vegetable would have such a name, it’s a potato. I’ve found they live up to their name, and are pretty tasty without accoutrements. Though adding some extra butter to that natural potato flavor probably won’t hurt.

We hosted another successful yoga dinner here on the farm this past weekend, and there’s yet another this upcoming weekend! If you haven’t been able to make it up on a Saturday in the past, this one’s for you, as it’s on Sunday, September 23.

As promised, here are some ideas for the green tomatoes:

This salsa was awesome: http://moderncomfortfood.com/2010/09/green-tomato-salsa-verde/

And one time when we were in Alaska our friend Jade baked a green tomato pie. Expecting something extremely strange, I was surprised to find that it actually just tasted like apple pie. Give it a try! Here it is from Betty Crocker:


It says to cut the tomatoes in fourths. I would just cut them in 1 inch square chunks.

And here’s a good hot sauce recipe. Just divide it by 3 since we’re giving you 4 hot peppers. I found it to be quite hot, too, so you could also reduce the number of peppers.