CSA – Week 14

In This Week’s Share

  • cabbage – you may want to wash your cabbage after you slice it – there may be some nooks and crannies that we couldn’t get to.
  • arugula/salad mix
  • kale, chard, red giant mustard greens
  • baby lettuce
  • summer squash or cucumbers
  • eggplant or peppers (the light green peppers are called eisley wax, an heirloom version of the more common hungarian hot wax. these are pretty hot. see last week’s newsletter fornotes on the other peppers and for eggplant recipes)
  • tomatoes
  • basil

packed together in a little bag:

  • beets
  • purple potatoes

packed together in another little bag:

  • jalapeño peppers
  • tomatillos
  • gherkins
  • ground cherries

Every other week half share members: this week is a “B” week.


Farm News

For better or worse, summer is definitely winding down. With Labor Day right around the corner days are noticeably shorter, nights are cooler and summer crops are dwindling. This may be our last week of tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash, but peppers and eggplant will (hopefully) continue to produce throughout September. Fall crops on the horizon include more cabbage and potatoes, fennel, lots of kale, carrots, leeks, onions, parsnips, celery root, winter squash, broccoli and more.


The cabbage in your shares is perfect for sauerkraut. This super-easy, super-healthy recipe for kraut comes from Sandor Katz’s brilliant book, Wild Fermentation. Definitely check out the whole book if you’re into fermenting, probiotics, kombucha, live cultures, digestive health, etc.

If you’re not into the fermentation thing try coleslaw:dead simple slawsweet-sour slawbeet and cabbage slaw.

chilled tomatillo soup makes a refreshing lunch on the last few muggy August days.

Some other options: Beet and Potato SaladPasta with Roasted Summer Vegetables and BasilMustard Greens and Sweet Onion Saute