CSA Week 12

HI everyone,

Here are some notes on today’s delivery:

Tomatoes: A bunch of different heirloom types. If you have green ones, those are ripe, or almost ripe. They are a variety called Aunt Ruby’s German Green, and they ripen to yellow/green, with a rose blush on the bottom. Some people have been asking about the cracking on some of the varieties, that’s totally normal for these varieties when grown in the field (rather than under plastic in a hoop house).

Lemon Basil: The big fragrant bunch of leaves/flowers. Probably will look nice/smell awesome in a vase, also can be used in tons of recipes. One of our customers at market told us she’s been making basil lemonade. IT would probably be extra good made with lemon basil.  Next time you’re having a glass try throwing a few leaves in.

Chives: bunch of long green stems.

Shallots: kind of like a cross between onions and garlic


Summer Squash

Delicata Squash: oval cream/green striped with some orange maybe winter squash. Our winter squash patch is suffering from some major powdery mildew, a disease that hits hard in hot humid weather. We picked a bunch early because we thought they were in danger of rotting in the field. They’re totally ripe and ready to eat, however, and we’ve already enjoyed a couple just to make sure!