CSA week 11

Summer abundance is fully here as the fruits of our labors are ripening during every hot and sunny day. Today we were blessed with a delicious cooling, crop nourishing rain as we finished packing our shares for the city.   True abundance for us is rain and thunder filled storms that chase the heat away, and more rattlesnake green beans than we can pick.  If you are reading this post then you care and are inspired by what we are creating here at growing heart farm.  I Sean the farmer, and my ever growing group of volunteers and helpers work together every day to create the food and flowers that makes the lives of humans and the planet healthier and happier. I invite you to come join us for a day or two, and learn what farm therapy is all about.  email: farmhelp@growingheartfarm.com

Here are some photos of farm life: CSA letter resumes below.

IMG_6684 IMG_6700 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6713 IMG_6757 IMG_6764 IMG_6777

Dear members:


We have a wonderful share for you this week! This is truly the best that summer has to offer.  Enjoy!

Flowers resume this week! You can make delicious tea from the licorice mint hyssop located in the center of the bouquet.  You can identify it by its blue flower and intoxicating smell.

Brooklyn, this is your week, feel free to come hang like always, we may even be distribution and holding court at Lighthouse BK, a wonderful farm to table restaurant we share our food with.  Look for directions on the door of our usual spot.  I sincerely hope everyone enjoys this weeks offering.  Stay cool.

Rattlesnake green beans
Sun gold cherry tomatoes
Flat leaf Parsley
Heirloom tomatoes
Swiss chard
Hot peppers(pointy, seeds are the hot part)
Sweet bell peppers
Fairytale eggplant