CSA Flyer!

We made a CSA flyer!  Please help us pass it along.  We added a new pick-up location in Park Slope (Thursdays) and a 2nd pick-up night at our Astor Place location (now Mondays and Thursdays).  So amazing seeing all the baby sprouts in our greenhouse already.

2 thoughts on “CSA Flyer!

  1. Hi Janna- we’re shooting for the last week of May, but the first harvest is very weather dependent – if it gets warm, it’ll be sooner, if it stays on the cool and wet side, a little later, more into June. But somewhere in the that time range will be the first pickup.

    We’re planning for 5-11 varieties of vegetables every week, depending on the season. Early spring there are lots of greens, radishes, bok choy… middle of the summer brings on bulkier things like zucchini and beets and carrots…later in the fall you’ll get winter squashes, root vegetables, leeks. Poundage wise, I’d say 5-15 pounds, depending on how the season goes and what time of year it is. Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions!

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