we have been working really hard…  a lot is happening.  will work to fill in pix and posts, but the truth is we may have forgotten half of what we have done.

a few highlights.:

  • 3 people planted their first seeds
  • expert seed blocking continues to keep us on schedule
  • path cutting to the train station with a new gasoline powered tool – REACTIVE, but see next highlight.
  • things grew 6 inches in less than a week
  • 1/2 (the important part) deer fence installed
  • lots of cool signs put in that are still blank but allow greenhorns (us) to look at the field and understand it.
  • more rows marked out
  • irrigation planning and testing – leaning towards rain catchment.
  • 1 ton of lime spread & 1/2 ton soil amendments
  • many feet of rows prepared and planted
  • lots of transplanting & side dressing & watering
  • the movable sheep fence has been set up
  • flowers continue to bloom
  • lots of proper hoeing and broad forking and moving of plastic to fill in the rows
  • expert meals cooked by liz + pancakes
  • we have begun eating things we planted.
  • field at least 50% cultivated
  • and the next post