.84 or 1.3 inches of rain

i’m just saying…  normally not big news but to us a BIG DEAL!  YEAH.  back up to 1400 gallons of rain water and a few days break from hand watering.  it has been a heroic effort between anna, abbie, amber, lucas, christina, emily, and others.  we figure you can water about 50 gallons an hour using two water cans.  amazingly many of the direct seeds are sprouting under this attention. the pressure from the 1hp garden pump is great but still only goes about 25 ft. out of standard garden hose and is a bit wasteful on serious water conservation.  we have been using the rain tank hose to fill two 50 gallon drums into which we dip our cans.

we are all very much looking forward to putting in drip tape next year, and continuing to ramp up water collection capacity.  this storm gave us about 900 gallons in the tank which would point to at least 1.3 inches of rain.  the nearby weather station reported a bit less.

we will update more soon.