CSA week 8!



Greetings members,

We hope this finds you well on this hot summer day.  The farm has just received a heavy rain and flowers and food are bursting forth like crazy! We are trying our best to increase quantity and diversity every week. We are very excited to offer you our first harvest of Sungold tomatoes and cucumbers!  We hope to have them for over a month!

This week’s share:

Sun gold cherry tomatoes
Summer crisp lettuce
Swiss chard
New potatoes


Frittata Recipe:

Saute new potatoes with onion in ample butter, adding zucchini and chard when potatoes are almost soft.  We recommend cooking chard stems for twice the time as the leafs.  Beat 6 to 12 eggs in a separate bowl.  Pre-heat oven broiler.  Pour eggs over cooked ingredients and add cheese if desired. When mixture is half cooked, place under broiler until fully cooked throughout.  Please reference other frittata recipes if confused.  Enjoy!