our first sprouts - tatsoi

Seeds are already sprouting.  Looks like the temperature in the “greenhouse” hovered in the 50’s all week.  I arrived last night in the middle of a snowstorm and i turned on the greenhouse heater – we were conservative and wanted to monitor it for its first few days on so it was off all week.  I was too sleepy to see last night but this morning there were some small sprouts in the tatsoi tray.  this was one of the trays covered in plastic which retained much more humidity than the uncovered blocks.  I uncovered everything since i will be here 3 days and want to let these new guys breathe.  in the background of the picture you can see our new weather thermometer.  hoping to get temperature and webcam logging going in the greenhouse this weekend with a new setup that i will write about later.  for now soil temp is climbing up close to optimal germination temp of 70%.