Partial To-Do list for this weekend

It’s going to be chilly this weekend, and Sunday it is going to rain.  But we’re moving forward!

Today we drove up from the city and stopped at Home Depot on the way.  Everything we bought there looked cheap and poorly made, though I am not sure these tools are actually worse quality than what you would buy at a smaller store.  I don’t even know if that is the feeling so much as it’s the feeling that everything made these days is made to fall apart.  I felt sad, but it has been tricky figuring out what is and is not available from local stores.  We got some long-handled shovels (working with baby-handled shovels last weekend sucked!), a regular garden hoe, a bow rake, wire cutters, bicycle pump, more black plastic for killing grass, etc.

Most of the too-big and spindly sprouts are still chugging along.  Most of the kohlrabi from last weekend sprouted! About half of the cauliflower sprouted.  Most of the basil, tomato, and eggplant miniblocks (on small heating pad and covered in plastic to keep moisture in) sprouted and look awesome!!!  Nothing else has sprouted yet (especially the poor guys in the mud room west-facing window).

So for this weekend:

  • Move forward with making more garden beds
  • Cut wire to make new, bigger row covers
  • Move oldest seedlings outside
  • Replant the biggest miniblock sprouts into 2 inch soil blocks
  • Start scheduled seedlings for this weekend
  • Find/chop 2 inch trees in the woods to make posts for deer fence
  • Put up test length of deer fence
  • If all goes well, order more deer fence online
  • Call local business(es) to order soil amendments
  • Order amendment spreader/seed broadcaster
  • Meet farmer neighbor and ask about plowing
  • Look into building bathouse

It may be borderline too late to order trees for this year, but maybe if we have time we can look into the best spots on the property to plant the specific ones we want.  We don’t really want to throw something as permanent as trees in the ground without doing a whole site map for the property, but on the other hand trees take so long to produce fruit…