No more snow!

It was 61 in the “greenhouse” today when I got here.  Our germination rates are close to 100% for just about everything.  There are only a few patches of snow left outside, and I’ve discovered a lot of soggy places.  Barring another big snow storm in the next 2 weeks (not expected) we should have an easy time tranplanting everything into the existing garden under row covers/black biodegradable mulch.

I am extra excited because 3 of the stevia seeds I put in miniblocks sprouted.  I’ve heard stevia is hard to grow, and ZERO of the seeds sprouted last year, so I didn’t have high hopes.  The stevia extracts I’ve tried are bitter and disgusting, so I really want to try the fresh leaves and see how it goes.  Who wouldn’t want to sweeten their tea with fresh stevia leaves?!