2011 CSA Registration Now OPEN!

We are very excited/happy to open our CSA registration for the year!  Below you will find all the info you will need to join (there is also a CSA link in the upper right navigation bar of this website in case you come back later).  Get an extreme variety of local, pesticide free, delicious fruits and veggies for about $30/week.  If you don’t think you can eat that many vegetables in a week find a friend and share!  There’s also an optional flower share, and we’ll be offering all sorts of other goodies throughout the season.  Can’t wait!

EMAIL FORMS TO: csa@ghf.dreamhosters.com


To download a pdf of the registration form, click here.

Welcome to

Growing Heart Farm CSA

2011 Growing Season

Growing Heart Farm is located in Pawling, NY, 80 miles outside of New York City. Situated on 40 acres of mixed pasture and woodlands, the farm is currently supporting a 45-member CSA with a wide variety of seasonal produce grown using organic methods. We grow over 160 different varieties of herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a simple and efficient way to distribute food directly from local farms to people in nearby communities. In a CSA you buy a fixed-price “share” of the farm’s harvest for the season, and receive a selection of fresh produce weekly from late May through October. Your share will be delivered to a convenient neighborhood drop-off spot, where you come by once a week and pick up your vegetables, meet other farm members, trade recipes, and chat with the farmers.

When you sign up, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the year, thus providing us a secure market — a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle world of farming! We, in turn, dedicate ourselves to being your farmers, providing you with a varied, nutritious, and chemical-free vegetable diet. When you join a CSA, you know exactly where your food is coming from. And you can ask us any questions about our farming methods and how we take care of our land to better feed you! Working directly with you – without the intermediary of stores or wholesalers – gives us the opportunity to provide the freshest quality produce you can buy. You will also find the selection of vegetables we can offer is much wider than a traditional grocery store.

In the CSA model, the farm members share the risk as well as the rewards of the farm season. Mother nature provides no guarantees, and some years a particular vegetable may not do very well. You, the members, also share in the bounty of the farm, and members receive highest quality vegetables and herbs. As a member of a CSA, you will be directly supporting small-scale, ecological, local farming, and helping maintain our regional farmlands and rural areas.

Pricing & Pickup

Shares will be approximately 20 weeks long, beginning in late May and running until October.

Growing Heart sponsors two pick-up locations:

– Curious Pictures (440 Lafayette St 6th Floor @ Astor place) on Mondays from 2-8pm.

– Erica’s Kitchen (1 Court Road in Bedford, NY), on Thursdays from 2-6pm

Missed pickups will be donated to local food kitchens at 8pm

Share price is $650 for 20 weeks of vegetables (with occasional herbs)

Shares will include a minimum of 5-9 types of produce per week – for example a bunch of carrots, a head of broccoli, etc. The variety will generally be limited at the beginning of the season, and increase as the summer progresses.

In addition to the vegetable shares, we are offering a limited number of flower bouquet shares this year! Flower shares will run for 10 weeks, generally July – September, and will cost $100 for the season. We are planting over 40 different kinds of flowers this season, a real extravagance of color that you won’t find in the grocery store!


We may occasionally offer extra items (such as eggs or fruits) from neighboring farms throughout the season on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. We will let you know about these opportunities in advance on our mailing list.

Farm Visits & Work Days

We love volunteers and encourage members to come help out on the farm one or two days this season. Please call or email to schedule a visit. All ages and abilities are welcome, including kids and those with limited mobility. You’ll get to see first-hand where your food comes from as you help YOUR farm with harvesting, washing, seeding, building, or similar “work.” (And we make it so fun, you won’t even realize you are working!) Weekends will have other fun things going on like bike rides, swimming, yoga, or bonfires, but you are welcome to schedule your contribution for weekdays as well. The farm is at 25 Jeans Dr. Pawling, NY 12564 – email for directions. We are less than a mile walk from the Harlem Valley – Wingdale Metro North train station.


For 2011 registration is limited to 45 CSA members, first-come, first-served. Deadline for receipt of registration, including Deposit Payment, is April 15, 2011.

Deposit Payment of $325 for veggie shares and/or $50 for flower shares are due at signup.
Full Payment due by May 15th.

Cash or check in person is best; you can also mail forms to Growing Heart Farm 25 Jeans Drive Pawling, NY 12564. Paypal and contact is CSA@ghf.dreamhosters.com

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone #:
Vegetable Share ($650):
10 week Flower Share ($100)
If you are splitting with someone, their Name:
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By submitting this form and payment, I confirm my agreement to become a member of this CSA for the 2011 season. I will pick up my share on Mondays or Thursdays (depending on pickup location) or send an authorized person to pick it up for me. I understand that there are no refunds for missed shares or cancellations. As a member I commit to helping the CSA by working a shift. I understand that the way a CSA works is that I share both the bounties and risks (poor weather, crop failure, drought, and so on) of the farmer. My share may vary from week to week and there is no guarantee of the exact amount or contents of my share. I agree not to hold the CSA, or anyone acting on behalf of the CSA, responsible for damages resulting from injuries sustained as a result of carelessness or negligence while engaged in any activity sponsored, held, or coordinated by the CSA (including but not limited to the weekly distribution and farm visits). By participating in the CSA, I am supporting the local farmer as well as more equitable food distribution, and I am helping to create a more environmentally just, economically fair and healthy society.

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